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Dear White People by Rucka Rucka Ali

  Rucka Rucka Ali

Smoking a blunt in my new Aston
Borrowed it from a man who wants it back
Said I just gotta take it to get some crack
Oh woah in my new car

As I'm driving the cops say hey
Did we beat a black guy today?
Police pull me over and I told 'em no please
I'm Kobe

My head hit the curb that they threw me on
They said you should've fucking said that you're Lebron
They took my Aston Martin and they all went bowling

Why am I treated this way because of my color
I thought shit would be different after Obama
But it's only racister now, it true though
Oh yeah

Trump, did you get elected here through ya man
What is your connection to the ku cucks klan?
Did you ever molest that little nigga Trudeau?

Dear White People
I got me some questions you could answer me bro
Why is you oppressing all of my-y people
Why you all pretending like you're not evil?

Dear White People
Sitting around in a fucking gazebo
Sipping on a bottle of Pellegrino
Stroking on a cute ass little fucking beagle

Why do you attack us everywhere that we go?
Telling us to park your Porsche
Guess how it affects our ego
(Lemme get your phone thing code)
Why you always bragging that you have one black amigo?
Lemme guess if does he know
That you say words like negro

You hire fucking Pablo
To cut your fucking shrub bro
But I can't get a job though
If I'm not fucking rob lowe
Everytime you do a crime the charges always got dropped
But I'm always getting thrown in prison yeah I got got
When you're up out in the street up in the morning running
And you see us and you always think we're gonna mug you
I just wanna see if you had any extra money
Why I gotta chase you when you take off running

Police on the streets all fuck with my peoples
Took my desert eagles and all my pringles
Why you always think that every brother sells crack
I'm just selling Wii Box 2s and a Dell Mac

I sleep on the street bro outside of home depot
Shoes are made of bondo, house is made at kinko's
Chilling at the red box, smoking on some red rocks
Used to be a shortstop playing with the red sox
Oh yeah

Dear White People
Why you always telling me what shit is legal
Why you take my opportunities from me bro
Why my new car now getting repo'ed

Dear White People
Sitting round listening to Flock of Seagulls
Listening to Iron Maiden and Meat Loaf
Buying fucking new shirts at Uniqlo

How the hell we ever gon get out poverty yo
All we got is EBT clothes
Some of us still wearing jncos
(Got gold where our teeth go)
Where the fuck did all them good times and the peace go?
Black on black crime cuts deep yo
Hurting ourself like emos

We're Black People
Individuality traded for hammer and sickle
Ghost of Booker T lays comatose and feeble
History repeats itself like a ripple

Mohito Burrito
Salad and Dorito
Five dollar wonton, comes with young chinko
You can get shwarma, blow up all the gringos
(Wig wog ag wig wog)
Let's have some pizza

Don't think for yourself no
Find out where you came from
Dress up like a retard
Base your life on choices of dead old people
They must've known something that we don't
Dear White People
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